PACKAGING - XEN-TAN® Christmas Kit Wraps

BRIEF: Conceptual works to deliver 2 new creative solutions for the XEN-TAN® Christmas gift sets. Packaging solution in the form of a wraparound sleeve. Exploration of festive imagery to inspire the audience to indulge in the gift set as a treat for themselves, or someone special this Christmas. Clear Christmas gift set promotion, placing these as the perfect solution to gifting this festive season for those who want a flawless tan from XEN-TAN®, the trusted tan. Packaging and collection titles required for: • A gradual tan collection Includes: Transform Luxe, Body Scrub and Tanning Mitt • A dark tan collection Includes: Dark Lotion, Body Scrub and Tanning Mitt Strict adherence to brand guidelines of XEN-TAN® in terms of layout, ensuring a clear synergy throughout the packaging (sleeve) to create a professional finish for the brand.

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