With this product concept, children are now able to explore and enjoy the eight magical and exciting flavours of the Mad Hatters Tea Party range. 
The Mad Hatter's decaffeinated tea is a fun and healthy alternative to sugary drinks. 
Children can collect and create their very own miniature tea set and invite their friends over to host their own tea parties! One piece of the tea set is included in each package of tea.
Tea Bag Designs
Packaging Design
Mad Hatter's Joking Jellybean Tea
Alice's Peppermint Potion Tea
Cheshire Cat's Cookies and Cream Tea
March Hare's Mad Marshmallow Tea
White Rabbit's Tick Tock Toffee Tea
Tweede Dee and Tweedle Dum's Tutti Frutti Tea
Caterpillar's Magical Mystery Tea
Dormouse's Caramel Shortbread Tea
Colouring Book
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