Brief: L’Artisan Parfumeur is a boutique fragrance house, founded in Paris in 1976. Their latest collection is uniquely unisex and based around bottled emotions. My challenge was to showcase this range by breaking the rules of conventional perfume packaging.

There are four scents, each capturing a different human feeling:

• Scent a: Passion and desire. Sex and lust. Raw and physical.
• Scent b: Perfect, sublime love. An interior emotion.
• Scent c: Excitement and fear. Adrenaline, exhilaration and thrill.
• Scent d: Elegant and dignified. Stormy yet still.

I chose to use birds to represent each scent:
L'histoires du Oiseaux
• Scent a: L'Autruche    • Scent b: Le Cygne    • Scent c: Le Vautour    • Scent d: Le Paon
'Le Vautour'
'Le Paon'
'Le Cygne'
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